“Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas is packed with practical tips and exercises that will lead the reader to a successful life overseas. Whether you are living or working internationally, Elizabeth Kelly doles out advice to help the reader understand and enjoy a full international experience. Her golden rules: don’t be shy, trust your instinct, and listen. Good advice for everyone!” Celeste Brown, FAWCO President 2007-2009

“So useful for expat women; a practical and entertaining manual, written from ‘first hand’ experience.” Elena Bucciero, publisher, (A)WAY magazine

“A cross-cultural primer chock full of important information and describing many brief cross-cultural dilemmas. The book is loaded with quizzes and that was my favorite part. I think anyone or everyone will find this book useful as well as fun to read.” Norine Dresser, author of Multicultural Manners

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